The road near the Dmytrivka village on the Zhytomyr highway is littered with corpses. People were killed by Russians.

We show these photos because we want the whole world to know about the genocide

Dmytrivka is located in the Bucha district near Kyiv, along the Zhytomyr highway. From the first day of the war, tanks of the occupiers arrived there. A few days ago, the village was liberated by the Ukrainian army. Now its inhabitants are returning to the village. They dismantle the blockages, tighten the windows and remove the corpses, which are everywhere. Some of the dead have their hands tied. This indicates that Russian soldiers deliberately shot civilians. This is genocide. We are publishing this photo report by Stas Kozliuk and we want the whole world to know what is happening in Ukraine.

Author: Stas Kozlyk

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